Can I register on site the day of the event?
NO. Online registrations will be open until 12:00 p.m. on Friday, June 12. We strongly recommend that you register soon to make sure you get a jersey for the event.

Are there discounts for families?
YES. A family package is available for $150.00, and includes two (2) cycling jerseys and two (2) water bottles. This offer is available to families of up to two (2) adults and two (2) children (age 12 and under). However, you may register other family members for an additional fee.

Is there a deadline for registration?
YES. Online registrations are open until 12:00 p.m. on Friday, June 12, 202o.

Is there a minimum age to participate?
NO. There is no minimum age. We also accept bike trailers, children’s seats and trailer cycles, so that even the youngest family members can join the fun. Children under the age of 12 must be supervised by an adult at all times. Every member that is present must be registered, even if they are not pedalling their own bike.

Will you offer refunds if the weather is bad?
NO. The event will take place rain or shine. It will be cancelled only in the event of extreme weather; however, registration fees are not refundable. The jerseys will still be given to you; you will therefore be able to wear them during your next bike rides.

Is there drinking water available on site?
YES. Water stations will be accessible during the event. We recommend bringing reusable bottles.

Is there somewhere supervised where I can leave my bike?
YES. There will be a secure parking area for your bike on the site.

Rider’s kit

When and where can I pick up my kit?
Dates to be determined

Can someone else pick up my rider’s kit for me?
YES. Order confirmation and a piece of ID (photocopy) must be provided.

Do I need to show ID to collect my kit?
YES. You will be asked to show photo ID.

What happens if the jersey size I selected doesn’t fit?
It will be possible to exchange your jersey on the day of the event only. We will only accept jerseys with tags and original packaging. Please note that we cannot guarantee your desired size, because quantities and sizes will be limited.

Can I wear my own jersey during the ride or do I have to wear the event jersey?
YES. You can wear whichever clothes you would like. The Navy Bike Ride jersey is not required for cyclists during the event. However, we recommend wearing the jersey during the ride so that we can recognize you on the circuit. What’s more, it’s a nice-looking jersey!

During the ride

Will there be water bottle filling stations along the route?
Details to follow.

Can I bring my child in a bike trailer, child seat or trailer cycle?
YES. Don’t forget to include it in your registration.

Can I bring my dog on the ride or in the Velo-Village?
NO. For safety reasons, dogs will not be allowed in the Velo-Village or along the circuit.

Will I be timed?
NO. The Navy Bike Ride is an untimed family bike ride. The goal is to have fun and contribute to our two great charity organizations!

Will there be a photographer on the circuit?
YES. Photographers will cover the event. Photos will be available on

Will the ride be on closed roads?
YES. To ensure everyone’s safety, the entire circuit will be closed to traffic for the duration of the ride.

What happens if my child or I do not feel able to finish the ride?
Vehicles will follow participants and will pick up those who do not feel able to finish the ride.

Will there be a medical team present in case of injury or illness?
YES. Medical teams will be present along the route and at the Velo-Village.


Will there be a lost and found?
YES. There will be a dedicated location for this purpose. It will be announced at a later date.

Can I buy a jersey even if I am not participating?
YES. After the event, jerseys will be available for purchase on our website,

Will there be activities for children?
YES. There is an entire section dedicated to children! Don’t forget to stop by the BMO kids’ zone. Several activities for children such as sequin tattoos, face painting, and more will be available.

Will a snack be served after the ride?
YES. A snack will be served to every participant at the end of the ride.

Will there be reserved parking for participants?
NO. There is no parking on site. We encourage you to park along neighbouring streets. For safety reasons, we want to limit the number of vehicles on our site and along the circuit!

1.Helmets are mandatory.
2.Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times.