Royal Canadian Naval Benevolent Fund

About the Royal Canadian Naval Benevolent Fund

The Royal Canadian Naval Benevolent Fund (RCNBF) was created to alleviate distress and promote the well-being of individuals who serve or who have served in the Naval Forces of Canada, and their families. Providing financial assistance to the naval community is the reason of our existence. This year marks the RCNBF’s 77th anniversary of providing assistance to naval families. The RCNBF has served the naval forces of Canada through distress loans, grants, and educational support programs to qualified naval personnel and their dependents. During the period we have assisted over 40,000 people and given out over 19 million dollars. In the past year alone, we have assisted 201 qualified applicants and given out $345,264.

The RCNBF is able to act quickly to provide financial support in times of urgent need, which is its primary mission. It can often provide “last resort” assistance, help that may not necessarily be covered under other programs. Some of the funds are used for much-needed repairs to homes, or for personal care items that greatly enhance quality of life.

The RCNBF is always ready to assist members and their families by giving them helpful advice in rearranging their personal affairs, and to help guide them through the application process for government programs or institutions, other public agencies or private sources for aid to which the applicant may be entitled. Other programs include bursaries and scholarships for students and vocational training.


Personal Testimonials

“Last night was the final delivery, and with your collective generosity, we received a month’s worth of food, including all the fixings for what will be a beautiful Christmas Dinner, a basket filled with your gifts for each family member and financial support for a short period. I thank you for your kindness, concern and tremendous generosity. I owe you much more than words can express, so all I can say is Thank You.”

“Thank You Royal Canadian Naval Benevolent Fund for supplying the funds for my mother’s wheelchair. She could hardly believe her eyes when it arrived. She is so proud of it!! She loves how well made and comfortable it is and that she can actually get around now.”

“Thank you so much for the grant to pay for my wife and I’s much needed dentures. You have put big smiles back on our faces and have greatly improved our quality of life.”

“I am writing to thank you for your generous donation, which funded the installation of a heat pump in my home. My medical condition implies sensitivity to temperature, and a heat pump greatly helps me to have control over my life environment. You have lightened my financial burden and helped improved my quality of life. Please accept my heartfelt gratitude.”

Support Our Troops

By participating in the Navy Bike Ride, you Stand With Us. The women and men who serve our country face unique challenges – so do their families. Together we can ensure that these extraordinary women and men, and the military families who make sacrifices and carry the weight while their loved ones are away, receive the morale and wellness support they need.

Frequent absences, relocations and the risks associated with the profession of arms are hallmarks of military life, and can greatly affect our families.

For Canadian Armed Forces members and their families, it’s the combination of these three scenarios that make military life vastly different from most Canadians. And so, unique needs and challenges arise as a result. In some cases, it may mean financial hardships, for some it’s a toll on their mental health, and for others it may mean specific accommodations to deal with a special needs dependent, an illness, injury or even death.

Donations to Support Our Troops go directly to programs that care for the ill and injured, and contribute to empowering family resiliency.

Thank you for standing with us. Because of you, Canadian Armed Forces members maintain the same pride, courage and dignity that they bring to the frontline.

About Support Our Troops: Support Our Troops is an official qualified donee of Her Majesty in right of Canada for the Canadian Armed Forces community; managed and operated by Canadian Forces Morale and Welfare Services. It was established to meet the unique needs and special challenges faced by members of the Canadian Armed Forces community as a result of military service. It provides a platform to allow a range of supporters to show their care, compassion and support to serving members, veterans and their families.

For more information, please visit Support Our Troops.

Ride and support Royal Canadian Navy sailors, families and veterans in need

When you sign up for this year’s Navy Bike Ride, you’re not only showing your support for your local sailors and joining the Navy community for a fun family event, you’re also helping current and former Canadian Armed Forces members in need of support.

Proceeds from the Navy Bike Ride go to those in need through two organizations dedicated to their well-being – the Royal Canadian Naval Benevolent Fund (RCNBF) and Support our Troops.

When a hardship is too much for a serving or former RCN member, the Royal Canadian Naval Benevolent Fund is able to act quickly to give a grant or loan to those in need to overcome their situation and return to financial stability.

When a sailor’s wife was diagnosed with cancer, it left her unable to work and the sailor was posted ashore to help, which reduced his salary after losing the sea duty allowance, which all added to the family’s financial stress. The RCNBF provided a grant to help them with utilities, transportation costs, and other costs for his wife’s care.

When one widow of a WWII veteran lost everything in a house fire, and moved to a senior’s residence, her cost of living was too high to afford hearing aids and glasses. The RCNBF approved a grant for the purchase of the hearing aids and glasses.

These are just a few stories that show the help the RCNBF has given to serving and former members, where, in many cases, they were the only avenue of help left available. You can read more stories on their website.

Register for the Navy Bike Ride today to show your support.