Ride and help our sailors and soldiers like Cpl Vachon-Lehoux maintain the same pride, courage and dignity at home that they bring to the frontlines

When Corporal Antoine Vachon-Lehoux had an accident that led to the amputation of his right leg, it limited his day-to-day travel, and he needed a new vehicle to accommodate a wheelchair.

“Thanks to Support Our Troops, I now have a vehicle tailored to my new physical condition and that gives me the mobility I need to get around,” he said.

“I will be able to go back to school and function independently. I am extremely grateful for your support and I sincerely thank you for your help.”

Support our Troops needs your support to make more stories like this a reality.

By participating in the Navy Bike Ride, you Stand With Us. The women and men who serve our country face unique challenges, and so do their families.

Frequent absences from home, relocations and the risks associated with combat are part of military life, and can greatly affect Canadian Armed Forces members and their families.

CAF members have unique needs and challenges to overcome as a result. In some cases, it may mean financial hardships, for some it’s a toll on their mental health, and for others it may mean specific accommodations to deal with a special needs dependent, an illness, an injury or death.

Together we can ensure that these extraordinary women and men, and the military families who make sacrifices and carry the weight while their loved ones are away, receive the morale and wellness support they need.

Donations to Support our Troops go directly to programs that care for ill and injured Canadian Armed Forces soldiers and veterans, and contribute to empowering family resiliency.

Register for the Navy Bike Ride today to show your support.