Created in 2016, the Navy Bike Ride is not just an event, but also a cause that encourages the well-being of our communities and families by motivating each other to be healthy through cycling and making a difference to others who need our help. 

One advantage of the push to virtual was that it allowed Canadians across the country to meet and support their Navy Community. In 2021, the Navy Bike Ride: 

  • Registered over 3,020 participants 
  • 211 teams
  • Logged over 670,000 cumulative kilometers 
  • Raised more than $102,000 for Support Our Troops and the Royal Canadian Naval Benevolent Fund, surpassing 2020  

Not only was the 2021 event a success, but it solidified an extensive national reach and encouraged riders from coast-to-coast-to-coast to collectively come together to support such important causes, truly exemplifying that we are one Navy Strong.  

Relationship between the Royal Canadian Navy and cycling 

To many, the connection between the Royal Canadian Navy and cycling may not be an obvious one.  Cycling has long been a tradition as it can be difficult for a sailor to stay in shape when they are deployed onboard a ship for months at a time. Very few warships have a large enough space to dedicate to a gym, however a stationary bicycle is compact enough to squeeze into tight spots all over the ship.  

Many sailors in the Royal Canadian Navy are avid cyclists and dedicated athletes.  As we keep our naval ships in fighting shape, our sailors must also focus on their own physical fitness.  The Navy Bike Ride is an opportunity to highlight that commitment to health and wellness. 

Where do your proceeds go? 

Designed as a fun, family friendly event, the Navy Bike ride supports the Royal Canadian Navy community with proceeds going to the Royal Canadian Naval Benevolent Fund, Support our Troops and Soldier On. 

The benefits of fundraising with the Navy Bike Ride 

Funds raised as part of the Navy Bike Ride go to providing assistance to former and serving military members and their families. This event is also one of the most direct ways for Canadians to support the recovery, rehabilitation, and reintegration of members with physical and/or mental health illness or injury and to contribute to building family resilience. It also is an excellent way to learn more about your Navy and be able to interact directly with sailors.