To many, the connection between the Royal Canadian Navy and cycling may not be an obvious one. Cycling has long been a tradition as it can be difficult for a sailor stay in shape when they’re deployed onboard a ship for months at a time. Very few warships have a large enough space to dedicate to a gym, however a stationary bicycle is compact enough to squeeze into tight spots all over the ship. Many sailors rely on cycling to remain in fighting shape.

Many sailors in the Royal Canadian Navy are avid cyclists and dedicated athletes. As we keep our naval ships in fighting shape, our sailors must also focus on their own physical fitness. The Navy Bike Ride is an opportunity to highlight that commitment to health and wellness.

Under the leadership and direction of the Commander of the Royal Canadian Navy, the first annual Navy Bike Ride was held on May 20, 2017. With the goal of raising funds for the Royal Canadian Naval Benevolent Fund and Support our Troops, this family friendly event was launched.