Admiral’s Cup presented by Thales

The Admiral’s Cup presented by Thales is designed for the more competitive cyclist or those looking to push themselves a little further. Starting August 1, and each week until August 21, riders will be given a specific challenge. Cyclists have exactly one week to complete the challenge in order to be entered into a draw for a prize. Upon completion of the weekly challenge, cyclists must log in to their RaceRoster account to track their ride. Fill in the required information to confirm completion of that portion of the challenge.

Challenge Week 1: August 1 – 7 DISTANCE: 42 km

Harry DeWolf joined the Royal Canadian Navy in 1918 as a cadet and retired in 1960 at the rank of Vice-Admiral. To mark his 42 year career, cyclists are being challenged to cycle 42 kms this week.




Challenge Week 2: August 8 – 14 DISTANCE: 16kms

With every deployment, a ships company gets to enjoy port stops along the way. HMCS Harry DeWolf will be embarking on their inaugural deployment and will see a total of 16 different port stops as they circumnavigate North America. Grab your bike and hit the road this week for a cool 16 kms to complete this portion of the Admiral’s Cup.




Challenge Week 3: August 15- 21 DISTANCE: 149.4 kms

We’ve charted the course for HMCS Harry DeWolf and now it’s time for us to set sail on our own circumnavigation! Cyclists are being challenged to ride 149.4 kms this week in honour of the 14,940 nautical miles HMCS Harry DeWolf will undertake on their inaugural deployment. This week will see 3 segmented rides – 50km, 50 km and 49.4 kms in order to complete this challenge.