BMO Kids Zone

BMO Kids Zone is virtual this year! Join us on our social media pages each Monday until the end of August to check out new activities you can do with your kids to keep them busy while at home. Make sure to use the tags #NavyBikeRide2020 and #BMOKidsZone so that we can share them!


Week 1: Canada Day Bike
Kids were encouraged to celebrate our nations birthday by decorating their bikes and sharing it to our social media pages. Those who participated were shared on Navy Bike Rides social media pages during week 2.

Week 2: Word Search
Kids participated in a bike and Naval themed word search. If all words were found, they were encouraged to go out on a bike ride. The answer key was shared in week 3 along with a new activity to complete. (Answer key)

Week 3: Trivia Game
Teaching kids about Canadian Naval history and bike safety with this fun trivia game. Encouraging kids to have fun while still getting some education in. The answer key was shared in week 4 along with a new activity to complete.

Week 4: Bingo

A bingo game was created to get kids familiar with naval and bike related terms in a fun and easy way. The winners of this bingo game were congratulated in week 5 along with a new activity to complete

Week 5: Bike Safety

Kids were encouraged to learn bike safety through a Label the Bike and crossword activity. They had to place the correct name for each part of the bike. In the crossword, they had to think of the correct terms for certain bike activities. The answers were shared in week 6 along with a new activity.


Week 6: Coloring

Drawing A

Drawing B

Kids this week were encouraged to bring out their inner artist. BMO provided a few different Navy Bike Ride inspired designs kids could colour and share to the social media pages

Week 7: Design your own helmet

This week kids were given the opportunity to design their own bike helmets. They were encouraged to share their artwork with us through the social media pages.