We are pleased to welcome you to this year’s virtual Navy Bike Ride – the Harry DeWolf challenge. From June 12 through August 29, riders will be logging their rides as we look to log 30,000 cumulative rides and top last year’s goal.

What does this year look like? We are excited to let you know!

Warm up

Gear up to ride as our event launches on June 12. Settle back into your bike and start to log your rides. No matter the duration or the distance, every ride counts.


With a few weeks under your belt already, you are ready to start your training through the month of July. With summer in full swing, why not take advantage of the longer days and get out for some longer rides. Keep up your energy high as we roll through our training month and straight into August.


You’ve had the time to warm up and train, it’s now time to take on our challenges. New for this year, we will be launching two optional challenges that we encourage you to participate in. The BMO Family Challenge will run from August 7 – 28 and will feature non-competitive events designed for even the youngest rider.

Looking to get a little bit more road under your bike this year? Our Admiral’s Challenge presented by Thales will feature a different challenge each week for the first three weeks of August as we head towards the finish line at the end of the month. With a new challenge each week starting August 1, riders will be engaging in a bit of friendly competition to see who tops the leader board.

Riding in a challenge not for you? Not to worry, your rides still count towards our cumulative goal of 30,000 rides.

Together we make waves. Together we ride!