Royal Canadian Naval Benevolent Fund

Personal Testimonials

“Last night was the final delivery, and with your collective generosity, we received a month’s worth of food, including all the fixings for what will be a beautiful Christmas Dinner, a basket filled with your gifts for each family member and financial support for a short period. I thank you for your kindness, concern and tremendous generosity. I owe you much more than words can express, so all I can say is Thank You.”

“Thank You Royal Canadian Naval Benevolent Fund for supplying the funds for my mother’s wheelchair. She could hardly believe her eyes when it arrived. She is so proud of it!! She loves how well made and comfortable it is and that she can actually get around now.”

“Thank you so much for the grant to pay for my wife and I’s much needed dentures. You have put big smiles back on our faces and have greatly improved our quality of life.”

“I am writing to thank you for your generous donation, which funded the installation of a heat pump in my home. My medical condition implies sensitivity to temperature, and a heat pump greatly helps me to have control over my life environment. You have lightened my financial burden and helped improved my quality of life. Please accept my heartfelt gratitude.”

Support Our Troops



Proceeds from the Navy Bike Ride go to those in need through two organizations dedicated to their well-being – the Royal Canadian Naval Benevolent Fund (RCNBF) and Support our Troops.